Office hours are Monday – Friday 9.30-12pm

Jan-Mar 2018 Term  2 dates:
Starting: Saturday 6th Jan
Finishing: Saturday 24th Mar
**Registration for all make up sessions is now closed **

No scheduled classes 17th or 19th March  

ONLINE REGISTRATION TERM 3 (9th April – 30th June)

Current Members : **Registration is now closed**
Mon 26th Feb- Wed 14th Mar 6.00pm
(places guaranteed once booked & paid online within these dates)

Past/Camp members & Siblings: Friday 16th March 9.30am
(Priority booking – contact the office for voucher codes to use for online booking)

New members : Monday 19th March 9.30am
(All remaining spaces available are open for booking online on first come first served basis- no waiting list system)

 If you experience any technical issues with your online account please call
Easy payments office

Please click the below link to check availability & book classes
All children’s classes are now full for Term 2 (Jan-Mar)

Please only book children in age appropriate classes
Classes are non-transferable & non refundable once term has commenced


 All patrons of Trojan Gymnastic Academy  are asked to please not park in any reserved parking spaces at the front of the building

There is ample parking facilities at the rear – cars found parked in reserved spaces may be clamped