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Trojan Gymnastic & Dance Academy

GymAble Gymnastics Classes

It’s our firm belief that everyone should be able to take part in gymnastics, no matter their ability. That’s why we offer a fully inclusive program for all children, including those with additional needs.

Our mainstream classes are suitable for children of all abilities, but we also run 1-to-1 sessions for those youngsters who may need extra assistance.

Our trainers are highly experienced in teaching children of all abilities. In order to make sure we have a better understanding of the benefits of gymnastics for everyone, we’ve worked closely with CARA, Enable Ireland and occupational therapists over the years to deliver safe, effective and inclusive programs for every child.

You’ll also be interested to know that we were part of Gymnastics Ireland’s pilot scheme to provide gymnastics opportunities for people with disabilities. We were also incredibly proud to have one of our gymnasts selected as an ambassador for the launch of the 2017 GymAble program.

Whatever the abilities of your child, our gymnastics programs cater for all.