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Trojan Gymnastic & Dance Academy

Tumble Tots gymnastics classes

2 1/2 - 4 years: 45 minutes

Here at Trojan Gymnastics Academy, we offer Tumble Tots gymnastics classes which are ideal for children between the ages of 2 1/2 to 4 and a half.  This is a small group size class lasting 45 minutes, these classes are suitable for little girls and little boys.

Not only do our Tumble Tots classes help develop your child’s balance and strength, but they also increase their flexibility and improve their coordination, which are vital skills for supporting your child’s growth, well being and independence. 

Our obstacle courses, gymnastic rolls and balancing work will teach your child how to work independently as well as in a group setting. This is a great way to reduce separation anxiety and to encourage your child’s emotional development.

Ideally, we’d like children who join our Tumble Tots class to be toilet-trained, but we’re more than happy to make exceptions. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and take the first step to increasing the resilience and confidence of your child.

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