NEW Dance classes starting March 2020

Term 3 dates: 23rd March -26th June
(No classes 6-17th April- Class resumes Saturday 18th April)

12 Week term 

€120: 45 min 4-6yrs

€150: 1 hr 7-9yrs & 10+yrs

€180: 1hr 30 min 13+yrs 

Click on the below link to book
(use the filter on the top right of the page & select “Dance Classes”)

Registration opens online on our website from Friday 13th December

Monday Name Age Group
2.00-2.45pm Happy Feet 4-6yrs
2.45-3.30pm Happy Feet 4-6yrs
3.45-4.45pm Dazzlers 7-9yrs
Wednesday Name Age Group
1.30-2.15pm Happy Feet 4-6yrs
2.15-3.00pm Happy Feet 4-6yrs
3.00-4.00pm Dazzlers 7-9yrs
Thursday Name Age Group
2.45-3.30pm Happy Feet 4-6yrs
3.30-4.30pm Dazzlers 7-9yrs
4.45-5.45pm Hot Shots 10+yrs
6.00-7.30pm Crazy Crew 13+ yrs
Saturday Name Age Group
9.45-10.30am Happy Feet 4-6yrs
10.30-11.30am Dazzlers 7-9yrs
11.45-12.45pm Hot Shots 10+yrs

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